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Bivocational Ministry

October 7th - 10th marked Group's very first KidMin Conference in Chicago.  I was privileged to be part of the Inside Track team for this big event for the past year...  It was great to be able to give feedback on what we would like to experience and gain from the conference since people like… Continue reading Bivocational Ministry

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After reading my latest blog on church, a friend told me that I need to write a follow-up blog on how church can change.  I am no expert in this subject... and these posts are my mere opinions and thoughts.  Being the practitioner that I am, I started thinking about practical steps that church can… Continue reading pastors…


KidMin Conference: why I’m excited for this one!

I have been to MANY children's ministry conferences since I started in kidmin 16 years ago.   Most of them were good, and I have learned something from each one.  However, I have always felt couple frustrations from each one: 1.  I always came back overwhelmed because speakers would talk about things that were unreachable for… Continue reading KidMin Conference: why I’m excited for this one!