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Rice Water Rinse for Hair Growth

I am not a beauty blogger, and I have no desire to be. But multiple people have asked me to blog about my rice water rinse experience, so here it goes! Also, understand that there is no one-size-fits-all fix for hair growth. Some people find this process drying. Some people don't see results. Everyone has… Continue reading Rice Water Rinse for Hair Growth

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10 Years of Baby Steps

"I make my own shampoo/conditioner!""I haven't used commercial toothpaste in 5 years!""I didn't cook meat for six years! (but I still eat meat)""I make my bone broth.""I make my coconut milk.""I believe in reducing and reusing. Recycling is my last resort.""I will not buy zip lock bags, cotton balls, plastic containers, etc." The response I… Continue reading 10 Years of Baby Steps

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Sometimes God’s Timing Feels Lousy (Spoiler: I was wrong again!)

I'm NOT one of those people that hear God's voice. Whenever I hear people say, "God is telling me to do this/that," I think, "did you hear that in your dream, or how are you hearing God so clearly?" How do I get God to speak to me so clearly because I'm jealous of people… Continue reading Sometimes God’s Timing Feels Lousy (Spoiler: I was wrong again!)

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Entering 2021 on Brain Overload

I was ready to delete my blog that I started exactly 10 years ago... but the end-of-year review caught me by surprise. There are people out there still reading my blog. As I contemplated deleting my blog, this quote came to mind: "So many thoughts on my mind but who to tell them to? And… Continue reading Entering 2021 on Brain Overload