about me

  • I am saved by grace! Following Jesus is #1!
  • I must start each day with a good cup of coffee and a nice shower!  I’m not fully awake ’til then!
  • I’m no non-sense type of girl… I have very little tolerance for lameness (that’s putting it nicely)!
  • I am called to be in ministry to children, youths, and families… there’s nothing more exciting than to lead kids and youths (and adults that act like kids) grow in their relationship with Jesus!
  • I love food… I especially love good food…  I tend to schedule my life around food… (i also come from a family of gluttons… so this could be dangerous)!
  • I could eat crab for the rest of my life, and I would be happy!  Yes, I REALLY love crab THAT much!!!!
  • I totally have the traveling bug… I wish I had more time and money to travel to my heart’s content!!! I absolutely LOVE experiencing different culture and food!I believe in trying everything at least once given the opportunity (as long as it’s not immoral nor illegal)!
  • I am committed to clean, healthy, and responsible lifestyle… it’s been work in progress… but one step at a time!
  • I can’t stand whiners and complainers! Life is often hard, so suck it up and deal with it!
  • I believe everyone should say “thank you” and “please.”  But most importantly everyone needs to learn to say “I’m sorry!”
  • I have a soft spot for kids that are in tough life situations… that’s why I wanted to be a social worker… but then I worked for Family Service in SF, and then I knew I couldn’t do the job and stay sane (not the kids, the system)…
  • I try my best to stay active in helping those that are less fortunate than I am. I’m very blessed, and I believe in sharing my blessings w/ others!
  • I have 17 first cousins… and I do love my cousins!
  • I have a very neurotic family though (especially my dad and grandpa)… I’m really hoping it skips a generation.
  • I have a nutty father, who is ridiculously sarcastic and he thinks he’s super funny… but I love him more than words can express.
  • I can stay up ’til 3 am any time… but getting up in the morning is the worst time of the day for me!
  • I hate shopping for fun… I go shopping with a mission… but I can’t leave until my mission is accomplished!
  • I spend a lot of time thinking about how we can do church and ministry to the next generation better! and when I say a lot of time… I mean A LOT of time!!!  This is what usually keeps me up at nights!
  • I love leading workshops at conferences to further equip and train ministry leaders!
  • I am officially a published author! Yipee! I contributed to my very first book Trust Us, They’ll Ask!
  • I am actually very organized, but my room is always a super mess… I can’t remember the last time I saw the top of my desk!
  • I think life often sucks, but I’ve learned to have a good sense of humor, learned to trust God.. and I LOVE LIFE!!!

4 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hi Gloria,
    A few months ago, you commented on our facebook status regarding Missions trips experience and you said “Partnership with compassion international to Bolivia and Dominican Republic. Sports ministry and partnership with Biblica to South Africa! All were super eye-opening and moving trips!!!” I also noticed that you’ve posted stats about poverty from Live 58: to your blog!
    I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you, but we were trying to identify people with a passion for missions, who were interested in hosting a screening of 58: The Film at their Church or local Christian school. We also are launching a new program called The 58: Post (post.live58.org) and are looking for members of the Live 58: initiative to tell their stories. If you’re interested in either of these opportunities, please email me at adam@live58.org. We’re in the process of a huge push to get film screenings in every church in America and get our newest projects funded! We could really use your help!


    Adam J. Woodward
    Church Engagement
    Live 58:


  2. Hi Gloria,
    You spoke at the BASS convention the past weekend, and that’s where I sat and met you in your session! You have such a passionate heart to serve children, it is contagious! Your message and passion moved me to tears several times. I truly believe that God has called everyone to serve, model, and mentor the next generation! Thank you for sharing your heart! May The Lord guide you and fill you in His love every step you take!! 🙂


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