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What Troubles Me More Than the Shooter…

So I experienced something strange today. My right cheek started twitching midday, and it continued for approximately two hours. I've had an annoying eye twitch before, but I have never had other parts of my face twitch. It's a strange feeling. I didn't know what was causing it, and then it eventually went away. I… Continue reading What Troubles Me More Than the Shooter…

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How Do I Get Rid of Old Clothes Responsibly?

More or Less made me realize that I have more than enough clothes in my closet. Since then, I have made a few resolutions. I only allow myself a certain number of hangers in the closet, and I'm not allowed to buy more hangers. When I run out of hangers, it's time to downsize my… Continue reading How Do I Get Rid of Old Clothes Responsibly?

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Entering 2021 on Brain Overload

I was ready to delete my blog that I started exactly 10 years ago... but the end-of-year review caught me by surprise. There are people out there still reading my blog. As I contemplated deleting my blog, this quote came to mind: "So many thoughts on my mind but who to tell them to? And… Continue reading Entering 2021 on Brain Overload

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I Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

Me:  I happen to log in today, and I see a charge on my card that I know is NOT mine. CC Customer Service: Would you like to add an authorization so it goes through? Me: Uhm... I'm the only one authorized to use this card. I think there might have been fraud. CS: Are… Continue reading I Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

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Why I’m NOT making New Year’s Resolutions in 2012

as 2014 comes to an end, i was reminded of why i’m not making new year’s resolution for 2015… but spend each day trying to do better! #newyear #2015

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Everybody seems to really like my fb post from yesterday.  I found it online, and it cracked me up because it’s something I would say (jokingly, of course).  I know I’m far from perfect… I’m very aware of many of my flaws!  If you haven’t seen it, it’s from Calvin & Hobbes:

I’m a list-maker by nature.  I’ve gone through many notepads making a to-do list for each day of my life.  Every December 31, I would make a long list of what I would like to change for the following year.  And to no surprise, I’m lucky if I keep half of them the first week.  I usually fail before the second week of January, and I end up making a new list on my birthday (18th) as a fresh start once again.  That’s been my January resolution making routine for the past 30+ years.

This year, I’m not…

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