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Entering 2021 on Brain Overload

I was ready to delete my blog that I started exactly 10 years ago… but the end-of-year review caught me by surprise. There are people out there still reading my blog. As I contemplated deleting my blog, this quote came to mind:

“So many thoughts on my mind but who to tell them to? And here I am, all on my own, I’d better write them down…” ~Nitsy

When an introvert has been left alone with her thoughts for the past nine months of the pandemic, there are just so many ideas, questions, and thoughts that are seeking to make sense of it all. I am the epitome of the brain that has too many tabs open, 4 of them are frozen, and sometimes I have no idea where the music is coming from. So I have decided to document some of my thoughts, experiences, and lessons I have learned throughout what people consider to be the worst year.

I know that many of us enter a new year expecting new, better things… but the realistic side of me says “nothing changes… it’s just another day, another week, another year.” All the tabs in my brain continue to stay open as I enter 2021, and I’m hoping to sort through them one-by-one as I write them in this blog. Some of the tabs are labeled ministry, politics, Christians, christianity, church, God sightings, environment, eco-friendly lifestyle, health & fitness, family, etc. This is probably mostly for my benefit… but who knows, perhaps some of my thoughts may be helpful to others as well. So that’s what’s to come…

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