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Entering 2021 on Brain Overload

I was ready to delete my blog that I started exactly 10 years ago... but the end-of-year review caught me by surprise. There are people out there still reading my blog. As I contemplated deleting my blog, this quote came to mind: "So many thoughts on my mind but who to tell them to? And… Continue reading Entering 2021 on Brain Overload

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Hard to Love… Hard to Trust…

Do you have people in your life that are pretty much impossible to love? You keep trying... and trying... and trying... You've given a second chance, third chance, fourth chance... so many chances that you forget how many times you actually gave them benefit of the doubt. And you have told yourself that you don't… Continue reading Hard to Love… Hard to Trust…

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Failing does NOT make me a Failure!

The feeling of failing SUCKS! There is really no way to sugar coat it... because no matter how you try to justify failure, the yucky feeling is still there! In the past few months, I've had to deal with few failures I had the "privilege" of experiencing. Each time, my heart just sinks to the… Continue reading Failing does NOT make me a Failure!