Today’s Warm & Fuzzies

I love getting warm & fuzzy stories from parents! This one landed in my inbox this morning!

Hi Gloria-  I have to share a quick story for you to pass on to M’s teachers at church.  Her teacher told me that yesterday, on the playground, there was a little girl who was crying because she had to get off the swing because her turn was over.  M went up to her and said “Listen, it’s OK because at church I learned that the first shall be last and the last shall be first!”  

This is especially precious because M is a super shy girl… who has only said “HI” to me once! We just learned this lesson couple weeks ago, and for her to have the boldness to comfort another girl with what she learned at church gives me the warm & fuzzies all over!  Have I said lately that kids are the BEST?

Christmas Eve Service with a 1st Grader…

christmas-charlie brown

I returned from Christmas Eve service at my church couple hours ago.  I had the joy of sitting next to a first grader… She’s just an adorable little girl with a sense of humor that has me laughing non-stop!!!  She also has some spunk and sarcasm in her, which I just love!!!  I just had to write all this down so I don’t forget my awesome night of sitting next to her.

She pretty much had a running commentary whispered in my left ear throughout the whole service!  As soon as the music began with four percussion instruments, she held her ears tight and yelled “Pastor Gloria, this is louder than I had ever expected!  I feel like my heart is going to come out of my chest!”  Seriously, how could you not love a 6-year old who says stuff like this?

Then we had three monologues from the perspective of a wiseman, a shepherd, and Mary.  In the middle of the shepherd’s monologue, she turns to me and whispers “you know, he’s not really a shepherd… he’s just fake acting!”  Once again, a huge smile on my face… And every time the characters cracked a joke, she would cover her mouth as if she’s trying to hold in her laughter.  At one point, she couldn’t see what was happening on stage so she hopped onto my lap…. and once again she whispered in my ear, “you know Pastor Gloria, it really bothers me that my sister has her feet on my chair.  Hmmm…”  This kid just cracks me up!!!

She sang all the Christmas carols with us… She even danced and held up her hands as we sang to and about Baby Jesus, our King!  We ended the night with “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Silent Night.”  When we started singing “O Come Let Us Adore Him” multiple times in a cappella, I started to tear as we went into “Silent Night.”  She was standing on the chair next to me, and I don’t know if she could see me… but she gave me a bear hug, put her face right up to mine and once again whispered “I like this song… It sounds familiar to me.”  Once again, my face broke out in a huge smile.

I’m reminded how special it is for kids to worship with adults!  I would have missed out on this precious moment with this first grader had I sat next to another adult.  To see worship through the eyes of a child… It was so special to me!  She also got to experience how adults worship… she saw her mom raising her hands in reverence as she sang.  She got to see people in love with Jesus… and worshipping our King!  What a special night it was… The message was special… but for me, worshipping with a 1st grader and seeing worship through her eyes and her thoughts made it even more special!  I definitely have more thoughts about this… but for now, I just wanted to share my special night before I forget!  I say this all the time… but seriously, KIDS ARE AWESOME!!!

why i love kids…

kids are AWESOME!!!  i love that they have no filter (okay, this could be bad sometimes… but it sure is funny) and they just say whatever comes to mind!!!  We’ve had some hilarious moments at church in the last few weeks, and I just wanted to jot them down so I don’t forget!  Hope you laugh as much as I did!

  • We had a new 1st grade girl visitor!  We play “get to know you better” by having some kids ask the new kid questions… we usually get “what school do you go to?” “what city do you live in?”  “how many brothers and sisters do you have?”… A 2nd grade boy raised his hand and asked “what’s your phone number?”  All the adults just busted up laughing because he said it with so much confidence… Of course, he didn’t know why we were laughing… to his defense, he just wanted to know if she even knew her own phone number!
  • We talked about the genealogy of Jesus during Christmas series…  We traced the line of King David through both of his sons Solomon and Nathan down to Joseph and Mary.  A third grade boy looked a bit troubled… finally came up to me and just had to ask me a question instead of starting with his small group… He whispered “uhm… I don’t think they should be marrying cousins… if both Joseph and Mary came from David, aren’t they cousins?”  and the best part?  He had disgusted look on his face… I explained to him that yes, they were indeed related if you trace back to King David…  In fact, we’re all related if we trace back to Adam and Eve!   Further, I explained that historically many people married within the bloodline although there are laws against it now… He was definitely disturbed!
  • I told the kids that we were having some technical difficulties… and our computer wouldn’t play music… “Do you know what technical difficulties are?”  A 3rd grade boy blurts out “does that mean you have diarrhea?”
  • For our connect time, we asked the kids this question:  “What do you need at a party?”  My 2 favorite answers were “a good outfit” from our 5th grade fashionista girl… and my other favorite answer was “BEER!” from a 2nd grade boy!  Apparently, he also whispered “sometimes you need wine too!” when kids started laughing!  Gotta love it!!!
  • “God, life is SOOOOOO hard.  It’s really hard being a big sister.”  (written by a 1st grade girl)

There were a lot more… really need to make it a habit of writing these down more often…  Just thinking of these make me smile!!!