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why i love kids…

kids are AWESOME!!!  i love that they have no filter (okay, this could be bad sometimes… but it sure is funny) and they just say whatever comes to mind!!!  We’ve had some hilarious moments at church in the last few weeks, and I just wanted to jot them down so I don’t forget!  Hope you laugh as much as I did!

  • We had a new 1st grade girl visitor!  We play “get to know you better” by having some kids ask the new kid questions… we usually get “what school do you go to?” “what city do you live in?”  “how many brothers and sisters do you have?”… A 2nd grade boy raised his hand and asked “what’s your phone number?”  All the adults just busted up laughing because he said it with so much confidence… Of course, he didn’t know why we were laughing… to his defense, he just wanted to know if she even knew her own phone number!
  • We talked about the genealogy of Jesus during Christmas series…  We traced the line of King David through both of his sons Solomon and Nathan down to Joseph and Mary.  A third grade boy looked a bit troubled… finally came up to me and just had to ask me a question instead of starting with his small group… He whispered “uhm… I don’t think they should be marrying cousins… if both Joseph and Mary came from David, aren’t they cousins?”  and the best part?  He had disgusted look on his face… I explained to him that yes, they were indeed related if you trace back to King David…  In fact, we’re all related if we trace back to Adam and Eve!   Further, I explained that historically many people married within the bloodline although there are laws against it now… He was definitely disturbed!
  • I told the kids that we were having some technical difficulties… and our computer wouldn’t play music… “Do you know what technical difficulties are?”  A 3rd grade boy blurts out “does that mean you have diarrhea?”
  • For our connect time, we asked the kids this question:  “What do you need at a party?”  My 2 favorite answers were “a good outfit” from our 5th grade fashionista girl… and my other favorite answer was “BEER!” from a 2nd grade boy!  Apparently, he also whispered “sometimes you need wine too!” when kids started laughing!  Gotta love it!!!
  • “God, life is SOOOOOO hard.  It’s really hard being a big sister.”  (written by a 1st grade girl)

There were a lot more… really need to make it a habit of writing these down more often…  Just thinking of these make me smile!!!


2 thoughts on “why i love kids…

  1. Love it, Gloria! Thanks for sharing those precious comments. Proves that we really need to listen to our kids once in a while. You never know what is going on inside of their heads! Made me smile!


    1. Thanks Annette! yes, you’re so right… we really need to pay attention to what they’re thinking! they just make me laugh and smile! 🙂 hope you’re well!


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