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22 years later in KidMin

My very first paid position in children's ministry was in August 1994. I was only 21, and I had no idea that I even wanted to go into ministry. However, my college pastor saw the potential in me, and hired me as an intern... to run preschool - elementary of about 80 children. Honestly, I… Continue reading 22 years later in KidMin

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Too Quick to Discipline?

I used to work at a preschool many years ago. Lauren was a full-day child... and she just had the hardest time waking up and getting herself going after nap time. I remember subbing in her class one day... and after the lights came back on and we woke up all the kids, Lauren just… Continue reading Too Quick to Discipline?

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I DON’T make parents volunteer in KidMin…

I have met many children's pastors and directors from around the country, and I have yet to meet anyone with a thriving ministry that says "I have a volunteer waitlist!" Whether it be a small church or a large church, everyone is looking for more volunteers in their children's ministry! Recruiting is a 12-month job...… Continue reading I DON’T make parents volunteer in KidMin…

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Surviving, I mean Thriving, during the Holidays as an Introvert in Ministry

Yes, it's true... I boycotted Thanksgiving the last two years. I stayed in bed and watched movies all day long. This year, I decided to be a good sport and participate in the festivities with family (although I did hibernate on Friday after Thanksgiving). I don't think it's just me... but come November & December,… Continue reading Surviving, I mean Thriving, during the Holidays as an Introvert in Ministry