Thought process of a 4-year old…

I went to my cousin’s church last Sunday, and started conversing with a 4 year old girl.  She actually had met me and my dad the night before when we arrived at my cousin’s home, and they were babysitting.  Our conversation went like this:

G:   Why do you have braces?

Me:  Because my teeth are crooked.

G:  Where is your mommy?

Me:  My mommy isn’t here.

G:  Why?  Where is she?

Me:  Well, she’s in Heaven.

G:  But heaven is in the sky!  (pointing up)  Why is she in heaven?

Me:  Well, she got really really sick, and she died.  So she’s in heaven now.

G:  Oh, is she wearing braces in heaven?

Me:  ummmm… I don’t think so…

(turns out G’s mom is a dentist…  I love the way these little kids think…)

love = scream!!!

I’ve been trying to organize my life… it’s a daunting task… but came across this which put a huge smile on my face!!!

when you open the card...

turn the card over and you see...

(from a 2nd grader when I went over for dinner w/ his family)

Hi Pastor Gloria, 

and thanx 4 your email address because I don’t really have any friends 😦  but now I have u (if u have any other duds or gals that I know than tell them to email me I prefer people that r up to date like u!  🙂

(while cleaning out my email account, found this email from a 5th grader who just opened an email account)

J:  Lunch time is the worst time of the day!

Me:  Lunch time is my favorite time of the day!

J:  But lunch time is BORING!

J:  It’s unfair!

Me:  What’s unfair?

J:  I just don’t know!  (with a distressed look on his face…)

(convo with a 4-yr old while I’m trying to get him to eat!)

Kidmin Weekend Smiles…

This past weekend, I had the privilege of leading Kidmin at a friend’s church retreat… We had children from 1.5 yrs old to 9 yrs old… talk about a big gap… but, oh how I enjoyed my time with little ones!!!  The following are some fun & awwww moments:

  • “I did stinky-poo.  Can you flush my toilet?”  (3 yr old; yes flushing the toilet comes w/ the territory…)
  • Me:  “Do you remember what we learned today?”  (asking a 3 yr old at 11 pm… you can tell that she is so tired that she’s not thinking clearly…)  I:  “uuuuggghhh…”  Me:  “Let me help you…  Jesus for…”  I: “FIVE!”  (her mom and I busted out laughing…. the lesson was Jesus forgives us.  Oh well….)
  • “you do fun crafts and snacks!”  (a compliment from a 6 yr old.  She remembered the Bible story & point too!)
  • (While playing Veggietales Dance, Dance, Dance)  Me:  “I’ll tell you where you step… follow these arrows…  Up, Up, Up” (me calling out the arrows).  E:  (jumps every time I say “up.”  I should have clarified better afterall, she is only 4 yrs old.)
  • Hot cocoa snack with large marshmellow to represent Jesus and lots of mini-marshmellows to represent the crowd that came to hear and see Jesus in the story of the paralytic man brought by his four friends (taken right out of Humongous Book of Preschool Lessons).  “Oh my gosh, look how crowded the house was!!!!  There are so many little marshmellow people there!!!”  (so glad this 6 yr old got the illustration!!!)
  • “K’s high of the day was being able to go to your class twice in one day!”  (from a parent)