kids funnies, warm & fuzzies

love = scream!!!

I’ve been trying to organize my life… it’s a daunting task… but came across this which put a huge smile on my face!!!

when you open the card...
turn the card over and you see...

(from a 2nd grader when I went over for dinner w/ his family)

Hi Pastor Gloria, 

and thanx 4 your email address because I don’t really have any friends 😦  but now I have u (if u have any other duds or gals that I know than tell them to email me I prefer people that r up to date like u!  🙂

(while cleaning out my email account, found this email from a 5th grader who just opened an email account)

J:  Lunch time is the worst time of the day!

Me:  Lunch time is my favorite time of the day!

J:  But lunch time is BORING!

J:  It’s unfair!

Me:  What’s unfair?

J:  I just don’t know!  (with a distressed look on his face…)

(convo with a 4-yr old while I’m trying to get him to eat!)

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