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the words that make me smile super big!

“R U ready for this?  C is always talking about her Bday in October, and she said your name as the FIRST person on the list!  She used to look for you at every church we went to.” 

-text from a parent of almost 3-year old from my old church


A:  Pssst… I have something to tell you!

Me:  What is it?

A:  You’re the funnest auntie! (whispers)

Me:  But why are you whispering?

A:  It’s a secret…

Me:  It doesn’t have to be a secret (jokingly)

A:  It does because I don’t want to hurt other aunties’ feelings…

Me:  Okay, it’s our little secret!  😀

(can’t tell you who because it’s a secret! Initials changed to protect our confidentiality agreement!)

Seriously, kids are AWESOME… and always bring me super big smile!!! 

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