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Thought process of a 4-year old…

I went to my cousin’s church last Sunday, and started conversing with a 4 year old girl.  She actually had met me and my dad the night before when we arrived at my cousin’s home, and they were babysitting.  Our conversation went like this:

G:   Why do you have braces?

Me:  Because my teeth are crooked.

G:  Where is your mommy?

Me:  My mommy isn’t here.

G:  Why?  Where is she?

Me:  Well, she’s in Heaven.

G:  But heaven is in the sky!  (pointing up)  Why is she in heaven?

Me:  Well, she got really really sick, and she died.  So she’s in heaven now.

G:  Oh, is she wearing braces in heaven?

Me:  ummmm… I don’t think so…

(turns out G’s mom is a dentist…  I love the way these little kids think…)

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