Then and Now…

I just spent 4 full days traveling with my dad.  It’s no secret that I was nervous about having to travel with him.  I left home for college 20 years ago, and I haven’t lived with my dad since.  In fact, last time I spent this amount of time with my dad was probably over 15 years ago.  These are some things that I realized during the last 4 days.

Then – when I was 8 years old:

  • My dad was cooler than Superman.
  • My dad took me on my first roller coaster ride.
  • My dad took me and my cousins bike riding around the neighborhood.
  • My dad taught me to hop around on my pogo-stick.
  • My dad patched me up when I fell and bled.
  • My dad cleaned up my puke.
  • My dad dragged me to go walk a mile during the summers.  And he walked faster than me!
  • My dad knew how to do everything!

Now – 30 years later:

  • He doesn’t seem so cool anymore.
  • He isn’t as adventurous as he once was.
  • He worries about everything I do.
  • He has no concept of personal space.
  • He wants to take a photo every 2 minutes.
  • He nags too much.
  • He can’t keep up with me when we walk.
  • He has forgotten how to do a lot of things.

How 30 years have made a huge difference on my perception of my dad.  There are a lot of things that went through my mind these past 4 days… What’s strange is that when I was 8 years old and thought my dad was cooler than Superman, he was about my age now… that’s weird…

well, I’m sure I will be writing more about what I experienced, felt, and learned.  But for now, all I know is that one things hasn’t changed from then and now… I’m still daddy’s little girl, and no matter how much he drives me crazy at times, i love him, and i know he loves me!

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