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seriously, just call me murphy!

I packed all last night... everything was going so smoothly.  I was so proud of myself for packing so well!  i packed as light as I could so I could make room for the items I was taking to missionaries I'll see in few days.  Wednesday morning came... everything was still smooth.  I set my… Continue reading seriously, just call me murphy!

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The Art of Asking Why…

  At one point in our lives, we were really good at it.  In fact, we were so good at it that it probably drove our parents absolutely crazy!  We used to be so good at asking why...  because we were trying to understand the world around us... but somewhere between ages 3 and adulthood,… Continue reading The Art of Asking Why…

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Honestly, it's getting old.  I've been through this before... many times.  I must be stubborn... or dense... or just dumb... I keep making the same mistake over and over... and every time, it feels new. I keep thinking that I'm in control of my own life.  I keep thinking I know what's best for me.… Continue reading Let.It.Go.

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Things I Have Learned These Past 3 Months…

It's been 3 full months since I last blogged... I keep thinking "I have to write about that..." and then life gets busy--super busy!!!  okay... I also get distracted--super distracted!!! I've been doing a lot of thinking, contemplating, and analyzing lately... and I thought I needed to re-start writing down my thoughts again... at least… Continue reading Things I Have Learned These Past 3 Months…

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What a Good God

On this Thanksgiving Day, I'm reminded how awesome God has been to me... What a good God You’ve been to me Your goodness and Your grace everyday I’ve seen And what else can I do But give my deepest thanks to You What a good God You’ve been to me What a faithful God You’ve… Continue reading What a Good God