KidMin Friends are the BEST!

When I first started out in ministry, I felt so alone…  Sure, I had lots of friends who supported me as well as a great team of volunteers and pastors… but somehow, I still felt alone…  There were few very difficult points in my ministry where I almost stepped down (and I actually did on couple of those occasions)… but one of the reasons why I am still here doing KidMin is because of my KidMin friends (the most important being that I believe it’s God’s calling for my life)!  I have been so blessed to connect with amazing people that are doing children’s ministry all over the country!

I just spent some precious time with my KidMin friends at LifeServe in Louisville and KidMin Conference in Chicago in the past month.  And to make it even better, I connected with and added more friends to my list of people I can talk ministry and life with!  The reason why they are so precious to me is because we’re automatically bonded by our love for God and our love for leading children to Christ!  And the positions that we hold in our local churches seem to automatically bond us together because we all have shared experiences.  Even if our church settings and demographics are different, we understand each other!  I don’t have to start from the beginning and explain everything to someone who gives me a blank stare.  I love that our friendships go beyond conferences because I still talk to them via phone, text, fb, chat, and email very regularly…  and we not only talk about children’s ministry, but we also share lives together.  Tonight, I’m reminded how blessed I am to have these friends even if I don’t get to see them face to face very often!   And they are seriously my #1 fans in my ministry even if they’re not at my church!  My KidMin friends are SERIOUSLY the BEST!!!

so I decided to share some photos of my fun friends… too bad I don’t have photos of all of them. (mental note, take more photos with my KidMin friends–and most of these photos are from my friends… i suck at remembering to take photos!)  😀

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