Do you know these shows and stars?


P:  So what book are you reading now?

Me:  The Hunger Games.

P:  Isn’t that like kids book?

Me:  Yup, I read it because kids read it.

P:  So what show do you watch?

Me:  I love Phineas and Ferb… yes, it’s a cartoon and it’s a kid show.

P:  Ugh, okay… is that what children’s pastors do?

Me:  Yup, kinda…

Yup!  I try to watch and read what the kids watch and read.  And surprisingly, I actually enjoy some of them as much as they do.  But more importantly, I think anyone who ministers to kids need to immerse themselves in kid-culture so we can better understand their world.  I’ll be honest–I still don’t get why kids like Spongebob, but I try my best to familiarize myself with what the kids are into.  Just because I watch it doesn’t mean, I’m endorsing it.  But the reality is, kids are going to watch what they watch.  They are going to listen to what they listen to.  They are going to read what they read.  Therefore, I think it’s important for me to know the world they’re immersed in so that I can better minister to them and learn to speak their language for effectiveness.  So if you don’t know where to start, Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Award 2012 is probably a good place to start!

Below is your cheat guide to getting to know kids’ pop culture!

  • You can click on the logo to see all the winner for this year.
  • If these shows, books, and celebrities are foreign to you, google it and at least read up on who and what they are!
  • Go to Nickelodeon website, Disney website, or youtube and try to search clips of the shows!
  • Lastly, talk to a kid about these shows, books, and celebrities.  Ask them why they like it or don’t like it!


One thought on “Do you know these shows and stars?

  1. My nephews and nieces keep me up to date on their culture. Of course after their last visit I’m pretty sure I’m not going to watch Disney Channel or Cartoon Network for the next few months. Overloaded!


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