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Rice Cheese & Tofu Noodles?

It’s Day 20… and some people are wondering how I’ve been doing with my 7 Food Challenge…. Last time I had blogged about this was on Day 5… so I’ve had 15 more days to reflect.  Surprisingly, I’ve been doing well without coffee!  It’s totally mind over matter!  Telling myself that coffee isn’t an option has kept me from craving it at all hours of the day… However, I’m a social coffee drinker… so when I go out with friends for a chat, it’s my head that wants to order a cup of coffee, not my mouth palate.

Yes, I’m kind of sick of chicken… I’ve never had so much chicken in my life!  But it hasn’t been that bad at all… I’ve been trying to make the best of it… and definitely I’m eating less (although I have NOT lost any weight) and spending way less money on food!  So double-plus!

I went to Sprouts last week to load up on my 7 foods, and I ended up in Vegan Aisle–this is very foreign to me!  All I wanted to pick up were some tofu… but “Rice Mozzarella,” “Rice Cheddar”, “Tofu Angel Hair Pasta,” and “Tofu Noodles.” caught my eyes!  What in the world???  Only in the first world country, do we make the choice not to eat meat products and yet still have the benefit of eating the goodness of cheese!  Only in the first world country, do we make the choice to not consume carbs and enjoy pasta!  Wow!  They may be great inventions… but I was somewhat overcome with grief over this great luxury that we live in… I don’t know… it was just  a mixed feeling.  Having these alternatives isn’t a bad thing… but something in my gut just said “wow… we have so much that we can make rice mozzarella and tofu noodles.  People would die for some cheese or noodles.. any food!”

Anyhow, I have a problem–when I see something new, my curiosity gets the best (or worst of me) and I HAVE to try it!!!  I’m notorious for buying and trying new foods… However, I was conflicted… am I cheating if i buy these items?  Rice and Tofu are on my list… but cheese nor noodles aren’t… am I defeating the purpose of what I’m doing???  Well, I cracked… and I resorted to buying the tofu noodles.  I tried it, and it wasn’t good… Just like I don’t believe in sugar-free products, if you want something, go for the real thing!  🙂

I’m still thinking through my month of 7 foods… and I’m not sure how, but I believe it will change the way I think about food consumption… so stay tuned!

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