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Time Stands Still Without Noise…

Yipee!  Labor Day… My plan for today was to do NOTHING!!!

If it was last week, NOTHING would have meant watching TV or movies in bed.. roll out of bed around 1 or 2 pm, eat lunch, check email, fb, twitter, and instagram, watch more TV, and lounge around… and it would have been 6 pm before I know it!

With my current month of 7 challenge on media… I’m not turning on tv nor music… and I have limited computer/iPhone/iPad usage.  The only things that are looming over me are cleaning and work-related things… otherwise, I have nothing to fill my time with today (but today is suppose to be do-nothing day).  I’ve been sitting in the living room with my cup of coffee, read few devotions and blogs that are work/ministry related, and it’s only 11:30 am… barely lunch time!  Wow, time is going by real slow…

I’m reminded how much of my time is occupied by noise.  Every day seems to go by so fast and crazy because I’m constantly surrounded by noise… but when I’m sitting in silence… time truly stands still… Maybe this is a good reminder that I need to carve out more silence in my life!  It’s only day 3, and it’s already been pretty challenging…

by the way, this time standing still during media fast might not apply if you have a noisy family… but for me, a single gal without any kids or pets around, makes for a very quiet environment!  So…. I think I’ll go make myself some lunch now… and I’m sure it’ll only be 12 noon by the time I’m finished eating.

4 thoughts on “Time Stands Still Without Noise…

  1. Its 5 mins before noon. How are you doing? 🙂

    What about taking a walk?

    Can you read a book? That medium is still available to you, right?
    Maybe write a letter?

    Just sharing awesome ideas with you as your older brother. 🙂


    1. LOL!!! thank you my older brother!!! actually, i’ve been reading A LOT!!! i mean A LOT!!! i’ve written my compassion children… a walk? we’ll think about that… hahahaha!


      1. No worries. I’ve called your dad and he is on his way over. He has some errands he wants to run with you. And, he’ll help you clean up.


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