Great Small Group Leaders for Kids…

I’ve been on a crazy RECRUITING mode for the past month!!!  Launching a new ministry and not knowing people has been a big challenge in terms of recruiting KidMin & youth leaders… I usually have no problem approaching potential volunteers, but when you don’t know who the potentials are in a sea of hundreds of people, it’s been a real big challenge.

I’ve had some GREAT conversations with few that are seeking to serve in KidMin or Youth… and I’ve been emphasizing over and over that their role isn’t to “lecture” and “transfer information.”  However, their role is to help foster and further explore and develop our main lessons so the kids can own what we talk for their lives to be transformed… that means they have to facilitate relevance, experience, exploration, and investing in the lives of kids…  I feel like I’m becoming a broken record (some of you are asking, what’s that?  look it up!), but I truly believe in this with all my heart…

Today, I came across this great blog regarding 3 characteristics of a GREAT teacher, and it really summed up what I was thinking… so of course I had to share!

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