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Month Five: Waste

Yup… I made it… so far, anyway!

Month 4 of Media fast wasn’t so bad… what I missed the most was listening to music… but I got through it!  I actually enjoyed not watching so much tv, I know that sounds weird coming from me!  And I realized that I could save so much time by turning off the TV and limiting my time on the computer!  So definitely another lesson learned.

Now, I’m in Month Five:  Waste!  This is where I develop 7 habits for a greener life.  In one hand, this is right up my alley! I caught onto recycling pretty fast… and this is already part of my life.  I know I could do better… but I’ve been very aware of how much we waste in the first world… I think I’ve become more mindful after I’ve visited countries such as Bolivia, Dominican Republic, and South Africa.  Thus, looking for 7 new habits is a big challenge for me… but here it goes!

  1. More gardening:  yes… I will plant more herbs and vegetables in my patio garden for consumption.  I’m just waiting for this crazy LA heat to die down before I even attempt to go out there to do some manual labor.
  2. Recycling:  I’m already pretty good about recycling paper products, bottles, & cans… but I know I can do more… My challenge for this month is to recycle EVERYTHING that I can!  I once read about a family of four who only creates one 13-gallon bag of trash per week!  What the???  I think I average 3 of those per week!  So I’m going to attempt to recycle even more!
  3. Conserving energy & water:  I live in an apartment and my water is paid for… so I’m not as concerned about conserving water… I will often turn on the shower, and start coffee or tend to some other things before actually hopping in.  I will be more mindful of conserving water (such as not having the water running while brushing my teeth and stuff) and energy by turning off lights when I’m not in the room (another bad habit of mine).
  4. Eating everything I have in the fridge!!!  Unfortunately, I waste a lot of food!!!!  This is something I struggle with… because I feel bad.  But it’s a habit that I can’t seem to break.  A lot of my produce and other perishable goods end up in the trashcan because I just can’t seem to finish I have in the fridge before they go bad.  For one, I need to be more mindful of what and how much I’m buying.  And I also need to cook more so they don’t go to waste!  Oh, and also eat my leftovers!!!
  5. Buying only local for produce:  This is going to be a challenge.  I love going to farmer’s market… but I rarely make it out because parking and time are inconvenient or for other reasons… But there’s always a time for new challenge.  Farmer’s market–here I come!
  6. Less driving!  yup, I said it!  less driving… how is that possible when half of my life is spent in my car?  Well, for one, I’m going to try to work from home on days I don’t have meetings or have to be in the office.  I’m going to walk to run errands that’s within walking distance.  I know, this makes me sound really lazy… I admit to driving to the gym that’s 2 blocks away!  😦
  7. Buy eco-friendly products and making my own cleaning products!  This should be fun!!!

So here it is!!! Month of October of going green!  Love it!

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