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Fail-Proof KidMin…

I started my current ministry back in February.  I was hired to start Children & Family Ministry from scratch at our new multi-site campus.  This multi-site is different in that we will not be duplicating current ministries... but our new site is going to look different to meet the needs and reach people who we're… Continue reading Fail-Proof KidMin…

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Stronger Wings

Couple weeks ago, I was invited to dinner at one of our church deacon's home.  They have two little boys, and I got to see something cool for the first time.  Their older son had gotten a butterfly cocoon  from a museum, and it was in an insect cage.  The butterfly happened to emerge from the… Continue reading Stronger Wings

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Book Review: The Eric Trap

I always travel with a physical book since I'm not allowed to read on my iPad during take off and landing.  Last weekend, I took The Eric Trap on my flight to Detroit.  I was given an advance copy to read and review--so perfect timing!  I was already on Chapter 4 before I boarded the plane… Continue reading Book Review: The Eric Trap