my journey

another attempt…

i have never been a successful blogger.  in fact, i have started blogging couple times before… and due to busyness and laziness, i never kept up.  well, here is another attempt!

here are some reasons why i’ve decided to give it another try:

  • i believe i should be able to keep it up this time since i have more time now (and i have more time because i have recently stepped down from my children’s ministry director position so i have one less job!)
  • i have issues… i have the need to be heard.  so even if no one is reading this, i think it just makes me feel better knowing that i’ve put it out there.
  • i have been journaling for the past 25 years, so maybe i’m ready to share my personal thoughts w/ the world.
  • i have more issues… i can’t get my brain to stop sometimes, and i feel like i’ll explode if i don’t share it with someone.  so i can spare my family and friends the agony of having to sit through my rambling if i can just put it out there for anyone who wants to read my crazy thoughts…

so wish me luck…

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