randoms stuff


  • Glo, P looked for you this morning.  “Where Ontie Glo-ria?  She went home?  to Cal-foh-nia?”  😦    (after spending few days with friends and their daughter who is 2 yrs old in CO)
  • H didn’t want to leave the snowy mountain.  I picked him up as he was kicking his legs… couple seconds later, he stopped kicking, looked at me in the face, and planted a BIG, FAT wet kiss on my cheek!  How could you not love this kid???  (2 yrs old)
  • “Hi Pah-toh Goooia…  no chuuurch?  I wuv you… I miss you”  (C, 3 yrs old, on the phone)
  • N (3 yrs old):  Auntie Gloria, i LOOOOOOOVE my sponge bob shirt.  Thank You!

Me:  I know you like Sponge Bob and pirates so it’s a pirate sponge bob!
N:  I KNOW!  i LOOOOOOOOVE sponge bob, i loooooooooove you!
Me (with a huge smile):  I love you too!  (i can never get too many “i love you’s” from little N!

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