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U2 tickets & bargaining w/ God

Yup, I’m a BIG fan of U2… therefore, when U2 360 tour tickets went on sale in October 2009, I waited by the computer and waited for the clock to hit 10 am, and bought the first 4 tickets that I could.  Due to Bono’s back injury, the concert that was to happen in June 2010 was postponed to June 2011.  I was sitting on these tickets until the week before the actual concert date.  And due to rescheduling, friends that were suppose to go cancelled out, and I had the chance to go with other friends who had general admissions tickets… So long story short, I had these 4 tickets to sell.  Now, I’m sort of no-nonsense gal… like it is what it is!  So when I put these tickets on Craiglist and emailed friends to see if they knew anyone that could take them, I started to get a lot of responses…

“I would totally buy them if they were cheaper…”

“I would totally buy them if they were better seats…”

“I really want to see them but I can’t go on Friday.  Do you have tickets for Saturday?”

“I’m interested… but are you trying to make money off of these? If so, I think they’re too expensive…”

“I really want to buy them but Anaheim on Friday night is too far…”

and the emails and texts went on and on and on… No, I was not trying to make money!  I was just trying to unload the tickets I had bought and let someone enjoy this amazing show… As these emails poured in, I started to get really, I mean REALLY annoyed… What part of “selling 2 tickets for $220, Friday, June 17, Section V___, Row R, Seats 7 & 8” do they NOT understand?????   I don’t want to hear their “buts and ifs…”  Just contact me if you want them… I don’t need to know why you can’t go, especially if I don’t know you!!!  Seriously, I was really annoyed with those that were taking up my time sending me useless emails!

As I sat deleting all these annoying emails, I started to wonder “why do people do such annoying things???”  (and I ask this question quite often).  And then it hit me… It’s human nature to want to bargain… We want the benefit of everything without it costing us anything!  We only want what’s convenient and comfortable for us… and then it hit me even harder!!!  This is EXACTLY what I do with God!!!  Uuugghh, harsh reality…

“Yes God, I’ll go overseas if you guarantee me that all the funds will be taken care of.”

“Yes God, I will take that job if you somehow show me that I’ll be financially stable and I will have a great ministry.”

“Yes God, I will take that risk if the returns are good.” (i know, then it wouldn’t really be taking a risk.)

“God, if you help me get through this difficult part, I’ll give a lot more…”

“Yes God, I will do this if…” continues from big to small things…  from important to petty things…   I’ve been spending a lot of my time seeking for God’s direction and calling… but in actuality, I’ve really been bargaining with God.  I’ve equated His calling with assurance that things are gonna go my way… not His way.  You would think after decades of being a christian, I would have this figured out… but once again, I guess that’s why it’s a journey.  Some lessons never get old…  and I don’t learn so easily.  This faith thing isn’t easy… nor does it get easier… but I’m still learning.  Oh, and yes, I was able to sell my tickets to someone who was just happy to see U2 in concert without bargaining!  I should learn from her!!!  🙂

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