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A Good Place…

On this day last year, I was partying my heart out at Universal Orlando without a care in the world… I just had my last Sunday worship with the church family I had known for 10 years the week before, and for the first time, I didn’t have a ministry to think about.  After 10 years of being at the same church, I felt this overwhelming sense of freedom and I have to admit it was nice to not have to worry about Sunday responsibilities.  I knew I was going to take few months just resting, and I was in a good place.

Last week, I was back in Orlando for Children’s Pastors Conference… and I was reminded of how I felt last year when I was there.  This year, I was at CPC sharing with everyone that I’m getting ready to jump back into a local church ministry in February.  It was a different feeling.  I no longer felt that sense of freedom.  However, I was greeted with much excitement from my friends both old and new.  In fact, few people I had just met at CPC even prayed for my upcoming ministry!  Being around other KidMin leaders got me excited for my upcoming ministry, and I was reminded that I’m still in a good place.

After a year of recuperating, resting, refreshment, and regrouping… I’m reminded that God allows everything to happen in His perfect timing… and I always find myself in the best place for me at given time!

4 thoughts on “A Good Place…

  1. Thanks Leena… It’ll be another wild ride!!! How did things work out for you? I’ve been meaning to ask, but been off to a crazy start to the new year!


  2. Excited for you… I had no idea last year was a transition year for you too. It seems it was for many of us. I’ll be praying for your new ministry. If I can do anything to serve you, let me know!


    1. Thanks Michael. yup, 2011 must have been the big year of transition! hope to connect w/ you at cpc san diego… i know you’re busy, and i always find myself running around too, but would love to actually chat in person! 😀


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