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I Want a Do-Over!

Lately, I keep wishing someone would hand me a chance card that read "go back 3 spaces."  Gosh, if I could go back 7 spaces, it would be even better! I wish I could to go back to my last interaction with my mom before her aneurysm.  I wish I could go back 15 years… Continue reading I Want a Do-Over!

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Honestly, it's getting old.  I've been through this before... many times.  I must be stubborn... or dense... or just dumb... I keep making the same mistake over and over... and every time, it feels new. I keep thinking that I'm in control of my own life.  I keep thinking I know what's best for me.… Continue reading Let.It.Go.

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A Good Place…

On this day last year, I was partying my heart out at Universal Orlando without a care in the world... I just had my last Sunday worship with the church family I had known for 10 years the week before, and for the first time, I didn't have a ministry to think about.  After 10… Continue reading A Good Place…

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Why I’m NOT making New Year’s Resolutions in 2012

Everybody seems to really like my fb post from yesterday.  I found it online, and it cracked me up because it's something I would say (jokingly, of course).  I know I'm far from perfect... I'm very aware of many of my flaws!  If you haven't seen it, it's from Calvin & Hobbes:   I'm a… Continue reading Why I’m NOT making New Year’s Resolutions in 2012

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Wow, it's been awhile since my last post.  The past month has been a crazy month filled with sadness, joy, celebration, mourning, refreshment, frustration, etc... you name it... i probably felt it!  I went from my grandfather's funeral in Kansas to a conference in Louisville, Kentucky where I was ministered to by great friends... then… Continue reading commitment-phobe…