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Lessons Learned from 7 Food Challenge… (it’s only day 5)

Today is Day 5… and more and more of my friends think I’m crazy (but that’s nothing new)…

I’ve been eating well… but I’ve already learned quite a bit just from first five day:

  • I’m addicted to coffee.  I had the worst caffeine withdrawal headache on day 2… I was out of commission for 2 hours because my headache was so bad.  I still really love the taste of coffee, but I will work on cutting down when I go back to drinking coffee in July.
  • I went to the market on Day 1 so I would have enough of my 7 foods for the first week.  This might be a record, but I was in and out of the market in 10 minutes.  I usually take close to an hour shopping for food for the week… but given that I knew exactly what I could buy, I didn’t waste time looking around at new items, comparing brands and prices, etc… Wow, I just saved myself a lot of time!
  • My week’s grocery bill was $35!!!!  Every time I go, I spend about $100 on average… I just saved a lot of money!!!
  • I can get very creative about making food just with my 7 items.  I do not feel deprived in any way… I’ve been eating well… and I’m thankful.
  • I’ve eaten out with people twice, and now that I’m very aware of what I’m eating, I’m amazed by how many ingredients go into everything you order in a restaurant!  I seriously live such comfortable life… and I think I easily eat 7 items per meal.  I have a new perspective on what I’m privileged and blessed to eat.
  • When I started, I said this wasn’t about being legalistic… so when I went over to my cousins’ house, they had my favorite food waiting for me–sushi and crab!  I couldn’t say no especially knowing that they went out of their way to feed me my favorites!  I was able to cheat one day, and I see it as a blessing from God… God continues to bless me abundantly even in the midst of my challenges!
  • I’m more challenged to simplify my life!!!!  And excited to see what lessons and experiences the next 25 days will bring!

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