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the joy of receiving

As Christians, we're taught to give and serve... and I believe with all my heart that God blesses us so that we can bless others.  I've often been a recipient of many people's generosity.  In fact, I've blogged in the past about not living a life of being indebted but graciously accepting people's generosity.  Well, when you're… Continue reading the joy of receiving


KidMin Conference Sounds Cool…

I was at a ministry conference last weekend, and I had the privilege of leading two workshops.  I have led these workshops before, and I'm always interested in the responses I get.  One thing I noticed with this group was that while they all participated, they were for the most part a quiet bunch.  I… Continue reading KidMin Conference Sounds Cool…


KidMin Conference: why I’m excited for this one!

I have been to MANY children's ministry conferences since I started in kidmin 16 years ago.   Most of them were good, and I have learned something from each one.  However, I have always felt couple frustrations from each one: 1.  I always came back overwhelmed because speakers would talk about things that were unreachable for… Continue reading KidMin Conference: why I’m excited for this one!