KidMin Conference Sounds Cool…

I was at a ministry conference last weekend, and I had the privilege of leading two workshops.  I have led these workshops before, and I’m always interested in the responses I get.  One thing I noticed with this group was that while they all participated, they were for the most part a quiet bunch.  I wondered if they were even getting anything out of my workshops (that’s my insecurity talking…)

Well, once my workshops were over… I had 4-8 people that came up and just wanted to talk with me.  In fact, one  person even helped me pack up and walked back to the exhibit hall back with me, and we probably talked about ministry for good 30 minutes.  When I talked to my friends, they also had similar experiences.  And a week later, I’ve had about 5 e-mails from people that had attended my workshops, and we have continued on the ministry conversation.

When I think back to the conferences I have attended, I realized that my true highlights are not attending workshops.  Rather, it’s connecting with people who I can share with and learn from.  How many times have I wanted to talk to continue the conversation with the speakers?  How many times have I wanted to ask them more in depth questions?

This is precisely why Group’s KidMin Conference is really appealing to me.  I believe that visions and practices are caught more than taught… and for me, it’s through the time I spend with people that I really get to know their heart and passion.  Yes, that can be communicated from the speaker at the front of the room, but it’s just not the same as when you get to interact with them in person… And for this reason alone, I think KidMin Conference stands out because that is one of the values at this conference… The speakers and workshops leaders are there to hang out with you, connect with you, talk with you, and pray with you!!!  How cool is that???

and check this video out!

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