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Failing does NOT make me a Failure!

The feeling of failing SUCKS! There is really no way to sugar coat it... because no matter how you try to justify failure, the yucky feeling is still there! In the past few months, I've had to deal with few failures I had the "privilege" of experiencing. Each time, my heart just sinks to the… Continue reading Failing does NOT make me a Failure!

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Misfortune = bad luck, and unfortunate condition or event. Since I was a teenager, I've been told that my life was doomed with misfortune.  It's not a very nice thing to say, but I think it's a Korean-cultural thing... I suppose it's because I lost my mom at a young age, which was the beginning… Continue reading misfortune…

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I Want a Do-Over!

Lately, I keep wishing someone would hand me a chance card that read "go back 3 spaces."  Gosh, if I could go back 7 spaces, it would be even better! I wish I could to go back to my last interaction with my mom before her aneurysm.  I wish I could go back 15 years… Continue reading I Want a Do-Over!

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Honestly, it's getting old.  I've been through this before... many times.  I must be stubborn... or dense... or just dumb... I keep making the same mistake over and over... and every time, it feels new. I keep thinking that I'm in control of my own life.  I keep thinking I know what's best for me.… Continue reading Let.It.Go.

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Don’t Tell God What To Do…

Yup... I did just that!!!  I know, I should have known better... but I was burnt out. I was tired.  I was hurt.  I was frustrated.  I was annoyed. When I left my last church, I took few months off.  When I started to talk to God about my next ministry, I put a huge… Continue reading Don’t Tell God What To Do…