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South Africa on my mind…

This past month has been pretty nutty!  What began as a casual conversation many months ago is now slowly taking shape.. and to be honest, I’m kind of freaking out!  There will be a lot of opportunities and challenges in 2012… and that’s a good thing since I’ve kind of bummed around this whole past year and took odds and ends projects here and there.  Well, the last few weeks, all I’ve been thinking about is South Africa.  To make long story short, I connected with a missionary (John & WanYi Yip) when I was in South Africa back in 2009… we’ve kept in touch as I’ve really wanted to learn more and more about his ministry.  At one point this year, I even considered moving to South Africa for 6 months to live life with Ubabalo Ministry so I can learn first-hand, and join the ministry.  I kept asking God to send me, and to make a way financially… however there wasn’t a firm conviction from God… but in the meantime, I kept in touch with John and WanYi, and we kept up our conversation regarding many different projects developing.  Well, one of the projects is to write/edit curriculum that could be translated into different languages to be used in Life Coaching in many countries.  This is a 5-year strategy, and when it’s all said and done, their prayer is to reach 20 million children and youth with the gospel… This still blows my mind!  I’m just so thankful and honored to be part of this project…  I’m also scared to death.  This is more scary than jumping out of a plane (which I have done…).  I have exactly one month before I leave for South Africa… I still have a lot to do here as I’ve taken on other projects that needs to be completed before I leave… but South Africa is all that is on my mind right now…

I’ve uploaded some photos from my last trip to South Africa for your and my enjoyment… and I’ve also uploaded my support letter in case the readers are more interested in finding out more about what I’ll be doing!

Ubabalo-Gloria’s South Africa Letter

Kayamandi's Kuyasa Center: ready to play ball...
playing soccer
Kayamandi's Kuyasa Center: Feeding Scheme to feed 200+ kids each day!
the winning soccer team... but the kids did all the work!
Table Mountain View
yup... tons of penguins in South Africa!
from our safari...

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