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They say honesty is the best policy…  I think most of us would agree, but do we really live by that policy?  In my opinion, I don’t think most people live by what we consider to be the best policy.

I’ve come to value honesty so much in the last few months.  We live in a society where we have to be politically correct, nice, and not hurt other people’s feelings.  Don’t get me wrong–there is nothing wrong with these things… we should be nice , not hurt other people’s feelings, and sometimes be politically correct.  However, sometimes that takes precedence over being honest with people.  We live in a culture where we think being a good friend is always validating their feelings no matter what– and we call that support.

In the last few years, I’ve learned that being a good friend is someone who is honest with you even if it hurts sometimes.  Of course I want my feelings to be justified too… but thankfully I have friends that will be honest with me.  In the past year I’ve had friends who told me that I was being prideful, that I need to get over my hang-ups, that I was being overly sensitive or not sensitive enough, and that I had my head in the clouds.  It’s never pleasant to hear these words from friends… however I know that they speak to me with love and care… and when I really think about it, these are the exact words I need to hear at times because I’m far from perfect and I need correction and a dose of honesty from people who love me!  I’m thankful for these friends because they have had profound impact on me this past year!

I believe God often speaks to me through these amazing people in my life… and I’m so thankful for true community and real support!  Just imagine what our communities would look like if we were more honest!!!  By the way, honesty has to come through the right delivery–with tact and out of love!  I LOVE my honest friends!

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