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The Plot Thickens… and My Compassion Family Grows Even More!

Today just keeps getting more awesome!  I’ve never posted three times in one day… but I just have to!!!  First, I wrote about how 7 food challenge affected my life, and decided to sponsor an older child by eating out less.  And then half an hour later, I wrote about Compassion International calling to say my current child graduated from the program, and I ended the conversation with a new sponsor child named Rosalina in Bolivia.  As if that wasn’t God Sighting enough…  about 20  minutes later, I get a phone call as I’m walking out the door to run few errands.  It’s Viviann from Compassion International.  She called to say that she had made a mistake.  Rosalina doesn’t attend the project I had requested.  Therefore, she will replace her with Erwin, who attends the same project that Josue did.  Erwin is 12 years old, and is also in need of a sponsor.  I said “thank you,” and we hung up.

As I’m driving around town to run errands, I can’t stop thinking about Rosalina.  She’s faceless to me at this point… all I know about her is that she’s 13 years old, lives with a sister and a mom, has an absent father, and so poor that both her and her sister are in desperate need of sponsors.  I’ve seen and talked with families in Bolivia that live in so much poverty.  Although I have no idea what Rosalina looks like, my heart was aching for this girl…  and I missed few exits as my mind was on Rosalina!  I just couldn’t handle it… I called Compassion back…  Viviann was away from her desk, but I told Ted the whole story and we did some detective work to find Rosalina again.  I told Ted that I had to sponsor Rosalina as well as Erwin.  I was already planning on sponsoring 3 children… and since Josue has graduated from the program, adding Rosalina and Erwin to Farranda in the Dominican Republic makes 3!!!!

This HAS to be a God Thing!!!  Viviann’s simple mistake became my awesome gain!!!! I think I already love Rosalina and Erwin!!!  I can’t wait to receive their photos in the mail!!!  When God does His thing, He REALLY does His thing!!!  If God is nudging your heart to sponsor a child, click the photo above and start this awesome journey!  I’ve visited dozens of Compassion International Projects, and they are doing amazing things!  Whew…What a DAY!!!

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