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Only 7 Clothes for the Next 31 Days!

Yup… you read that right… Month of July will consist of 7 articles of clothes, 1 purse, 1 computer bag, & 3 pairs of shoes… yes… you read that right!  So there are a bunch of women (and some men) participating in Summer of 7 throughout the country!  Check out this blog hop as many chronicle their journey!  I also thought about doing the 7 things for 7 weeks rather than 7 months… but as I thought about them, a week to eat 7 items or wear 7 items of clothing didn’t seem like a big stretch for me… and I REALLY wanted to be S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D!!!  Besides, I think I only wear 7 articles of clothes per week already…  That’s why I decided to super challenge myself and go for the 7 month stretch…  And then today, I thought to myself–AM I CRAZY???  How am I going to wear only 7 items of clothing for the next 31 days???

But I decided that if Jen Hatmaker and bunch of other people can do it… I can do it too!!!  So here it goes.  I’ve thought long and hard about what I’m going to wear during the month of July… There are few things that are throwing me off-course:  4th of July Beach Trip, leading children’s ministry at a camp, pastoral staff planning retreat, a bachelorette party, and a wedding–all happening in the month of July… I thought about doing 7 clothes another month, and switching it out with Possessions this month… but once again, I found myself looking for an easy way out!  So… NO EASY WAY OUT FOR ME,  I decided!!!  Here it goes:

For the month of July, I will wear:  

  1. brown maxi dress
  2. pair of dark blue skinny jeans
  3. khaki shorts
  4. Inspi(RED) shirt
  5. blue top
  6. black tanktop
  7. purple tanktop
Accessories include:
  • Coach swingpack as my purse
  • Computer bag for work
  • flip-flops
  • pair of TOMS
  • Nude Sandals
  • My usual rings
  • one pair of earrings
7 clothes will NOT include underwear, sleepwear, and workout wear–because well… that’ just gross!  And I will NOT shop for any clothes or accessories in July.

Compared to Jen Hatmaker’s 7, I feel like a wimp because I’m trying to plan everything out for the whole month.. instead of just going for it and dealing with it!  She had speaking engagements, and she just showed up wearing jeans and a t-shirt… I’m not that brave!  But I’m giving it my best shot!!!

At least I can go back to drinking coffee… and I’m sure God will do awesome things throughout the month of July as I simplify my life in clothing, just as He did this month!

6 thoughts on “Only 7 Clothes for the Next 31 Days!

  1. John, they have no choice… aren’t you all lucky? you get to spend all that time w/ me at the retreat! i’ll shower everyday… as for my clothes, no guarantees that they’ll be clean….


  2. gloria,
    i’m so proud of you and i know you can do it! ALL for the Lord! i got the book so i hope to read it in china and see how God will challenge me! thank you for always inspiring me and encouraging as a true sista in Christ! i love you gloria!! GO~~~GLORIAAAA!!! woohoo!!


    1. Terry, i’m so excited you bought the book!!! and even more excited for your family’s journey in China… i sure hope to visit you guys!!! love you guys too… and already miss you! 🙂


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