It’s in the Details… and Customer Service

I spent the day at the Happiest Place on Earth on Monday for my friend’s bachelorette party (yes, she’s a young kid at heart)!  I was reminded why Disneyland is such a happy place… IT’S IN THE DETAILS!!!  Some people may not even pick up on them, but the effort they took to pay attention to every detail is just absolutely amazing to me!!!

My birthday button from last year!

Disney is already a fun place for the whole family… but they go the extra mile to to make it even more fun!!!  My bride-to-be-friend’s mother joined us, and it happened to be her birthday!  So of course we got her the “Happy Birthday” Disney button!  And in true Disney fashion, every cast member that saw her wished her happy birthday!  Those simple words and recognition put a huge smile on her face!  I had a similar experience last year.  I had dinner at Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando on my birthday last year… and when our waiter found out that it was my birthday, he came back with a phone because there was a message for me!  Goofy wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday over the phone… and also gave me dessert covered with Mickey Mouse sprinkles!  Seriously… talk about details!!!  I was giddy like a child!

Mickey Sprinkles

If you didn’t know, Disneyland is filled with Hidden Mickeys!  If you’ve never heard of Hidden Mickeys, you MUST check this out!!!  So of course I’m standing in line looking for Hidden Mickeys!  How fun!!!  When you go to CarsLand, you see every little detail from the movie!  I almost felt like I was in the movie!  When you buy snacks and specialty drinks at Cozy Cone Motel, they come in orange cones or upside down cones!  DETAILS!!!

The bride-to-be’s sister had a mega-stroller for her baby, and cast members would help lift it as needed.  When they ran out of strawberry frozen lemonade, they told us exactly where to go get one.  CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Even if I want to hate this place, it’s really hard to do so… because so much of what they do just makes me smile!  As we talked about how happy this place was and how amazing their customer service was, I just happened to say “I think church experience should be like that…” and all in unison everyone said “YES!”  Not that we need to transform our ministries into Disneyland, but pay attention to the details and customer service!  I’ve been thinking about this… and I’ll do a follow-up post on some ideas for KidMin!!!

Minnie in the lab at Animal Kingdom Lodge
Mickey leading the parade at Disneyland

One thought on “It’s in the Details… and Customer Service

  1. i have never heard of the hidden mickeys, but of course you would notice all the details!!! i can’t wait to go back!!


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