a simple act of kindness

It’s no secret that my passion lies in working with kids… I want to be the voice for kids.  I want to minister to kids so they can feel loved.  I want to help kids love Jesus.  Well, my dad has a different passion… his heart is for the elderly.  Awhile back, my dad told me that he would love to just give the elderly rides so they can get from one place to another as needed.

My grandfather has been ill, and he finally came home after being hospitalized for three weeks.  Between my aunts, uncles, dad, and myself, we’ve been going over to my grandpa’s to help out.  Tonight, we got my grandpa settled and my dad and I went out to grab a quick bite to eat.  As we drove back, just about 6 blocks away from my grandpa’s, my dad quickly spotted an elderly woman who lives in my grandfather’s apartment building.  She was waiting for the bus to come, and it was starting to get dark outside.  My dad and I decided to drive back to pick her up.  She was a very small, cute grandma, probably in her late 80’s.  She couldn’t thank us enough for stopping by to pick her up.  We walked her to her door, and she said, “No one has ever done something like this for me.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I pray that God bless you in everything you do.”  I’m sure that between her, my dad, and myself, we exchanged about 20+ bows (yup, she was Korean).

What we did tonight was a very, very simple act of kindness… but we knew that it meant so much to her.  We told my grandpa the story.  My grandpa reminded us that simple acts of kindness can have big impact on people.  As I have seen and experienced all four of my grandparents get older and become less independent, I understand my dad’s heart for the elderly.  I would want someone to be kind to my grandpa if they saw him in need.  I’m thankful for my dad’s heart for the elderly, and teaching me to care for them.  And tonight I was reminded to always display kindness to everyone…

This is one of my favorite pictures! My dad helping my grandpa walk at Redondo Beach Pier.

2 thoughts on “a simple act of kindness

  1. Love this story, Glo! Being faithful in the little things surely adds up to large impact in peoples lives. Thanks for the blessing!


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