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What in the World? God works FAST!!!

This is pretty nutty!  I just finished my last blog about how I plan on sponsoring an older child through Compassion International… As soon as it posted, I got a phone call from the Compassion Office!!!!

My not so little boy in Bolivia, Josue, has graduated from the program!  He just finished what’s equivalent of 11th grade, and will be pursuing vocational school!  I’ve been sponsoring him for the past 5 years… and he’s become like a family member as I have photo on my desk, and I think of him and pray for him regularly!  So they asked if I could sponsor another child in his place.  I asked if I could sponsor a child from the same project in Bolivia, and that I would like to sponsor the oldest child!  And yes, yes, yes!!!!  Her name is Rosalina, and she is 13… Both her and her sister are in need of sponsors, which means they are in desperate need as Compassion rarely register both children from the same family unless the need is that great!

I’m going to greatly miss Josue… I’ve always wanted to go back to Bolivia and meet him in person… I had been at the project that he was in, and it left such a lasting impression in my heart, which is why I sought out a child from that project! Although I didn’t get to meet Josue, perhaps I’ll get to do that with Rosalina… I’m so proud of Josue.  I feel like a proud mama!  And I’m so happy to add Rosalina to my Compassion Family: Josue, Faranda, and now Rosalina!   God seriously works FAST!!!


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